Dress is a trim dressing with a premium formulation, non-greasy, solvent dressing boasts long-term durability. DRESS is a pleasantly scented and water repellant exterior dressing. Where exceptional lustre is demanded.

Key Features:

Maximum gloss level and durability
Protects tire and restores moisture
Spreads easily, non blotchy formulation

How to Use: Tires and Trim

Before applying Dress thoroughly clean tires with a multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser such as Sinner or citrus prewash and tire brush. Pressure rinse and ensure surface is dry.
Spray Dress into a tire dressing applicator pad.
Apply product to tires and exterior moldings with  applicator pad.
Allow product to cure on tire before moving vehicle.

Detailers Passion Dress Trim Dressing 1lt

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